Minister of Public Businesses' Sector witnesses the signature of management and operation contract of "Gosoor" Project

Minister of Public Businesses’ Sector \ Hisham Tawfik has witnessed the signature of El-Nasr Export & Import Company affiliating to Holding Company for Maritime & Land Transport – One of Public Businesses’ Sector Companies – a contract with Agility Egypt Navigation and Shipping Ministry Company for managing and operating the chain of services provided by Gosoor Project.

According to the statement released by the ministry today, such a contract comes in the framework of launching Ministry of Public Businesses’ Sector for “Gosoor” Project aiming to providing an integrated system of transportation and logistical services to exporters and importers.

The contract was signed by both of Mr. Ahmed Ali – Chief Executive Officer of Agility Egypt Company – and Mr. Ashraf Hussein – Managing Director of El-Nasr Export and Import Company.

The minister said that the ministry is keen on selecting one of service operators having the international experience in managing and operating the chain of services of “Gosoor” project launched by Ministry of Public Businesses’ Sector in July 2019 to provide an integrated system of transportation and logistical services for the foreign trade including land transportation for goods, custom clearing for goods, assembling and collecting maritime transportation for goods, storage and insurance.

With respect to restructuring El-Nasr Export and Import Company, the minister said that a new board of directors working with the manner and thinking of Private Sector was selected, laying out a strategy for development and a work model based on brokerage, marketing, logistical services and expansion all over the world and redrawing the intellectual image of the company in the field of foreign trade services.

He added that the steps of restructuring the company also included the selection of an executive management team able to implementing the development, laying out new and mechanized work measures with revising the foreign branches’ plan to make it include the world trade centers and be central points in the surrounding countries and achieving the optimal utilization for real estate assets abroad. In addition, we have finished the designing of an “electronic catalogue” for all Egyptian products and their inputs from raw materials required to be imported, signed cooperation agreements in this regard with federation of Chambers of Commerce and Federation of Egyptian Industries federation and General Authority for Investment.

From his part, the Chief Executive Officer of Agility Egypt Company stated: (It is our pleasure to cooperate with Ministry of Public Businesses’ Sector through this contract with El-Nasr Export & Import Company. The strategic location of Egypt among the international trading routes makes it a world logistical center and the gate of the African Continent. Here, the role of the logistical services comes as they are a basic factor for the success of trading exchange among countries and helping the companies to expand in new markets. Agility has early invested in the African Continent. It has fixed operations in 100 countries around the world. We are looking forward to becoming a part of the success of “Gosoor Project” and supporting the empowerment of the inter-trade between Egypt and East African countries through providing logistical services with world level).

He added that: (In all various logistical fields, our experts have the world expertise and the accurate knowledge for the local logistical requirements for each country. Through cooperation with El-Nasr Company, we shall transfer such experiences and train the young Egyptian Cadres and create a new generation of professionals for managing the logistical services from a world perspective).