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  • In the light of the diversification enjoyed by Egypt; in terms of its industrial, agricultural and service products, besides the need of the foreign trade to marketing, promotional and logistical support services.The Ministry of Public Business Sector adopted through “El Nasr Company” the launch of the “E-catalogue” using advanced technological means to include all the inputs and outputs of the Egyptian companies and factories to boost the foreign trade and open new markets for the Egyptian products worldwide.The initiative aims to provide a chance for the Egyptian producers to register -for free- the data of their companies, products and production inputs within the E-Catalogue. At the same time, El Nasr Company for Exports and Imports opens branches in all the World Trade Centers to market these products in international countries through local trained workers so that E-Catalogue becomes one of the means of promoting the Egyptian products in the world through mediation fees upon completing the process of promotion and marketing in the country of the branch.

    The company also provides all the various logistical services under effective management to reach all international shipping points with the best service, fastest way and lowest cost.