The real success of Gosoor Company depends on the public employee and the extent of his competence and ability to carry out his responsibilities in providing services to the public, treating them well and facilitating them, no matter how numerous and increasing their demands and needs are, in a way that eliminates the prevailing impression of the extent of the difficulties faced by the citizen to fulfill his demands and leaves a good impression on him.

مدونة السلوك الوظيفى للعاملين بالجهاز الادارى للدولة

Hence, the efficiency of Gosoor’s employees and their ability to carry out their basic mission in providing distinguished services to citizens, which has become a major element in judging the efficiency of state management systems in the modern era, required attention to the public employee because he is the core and heart of the comprehensive system of rational management. The human element was, is, and will continue to be The basis of success. Therefore, development and reform plans always focus on raising the efficiency of human beings, and human resource development has become a pillar of the permanent and effective administrative development curriculum.