CEO Message

It is a pleasure and an absolute honor to  welcome you on board Gosoor’s website; deployed to act as the initial touch-point for our esteemed visitors from Egypt and around the globe to leverage and expand their bandwidth of business opportunities.

In light of the Egyptian government’s initiative and vision for Egypt 2030, creating a balanced foreign trade is an inevitable milestone. Gosoor is devised to be the strategic partner for prospective international importers as well as vendors & manufacturers in Egypt, via our array of services ranging from products’ promotion, trade mediation, and premium logistics services. We believe that Gosoor’s full range of services is the vehicle to achieve the required targets and milestones.

Gosoor’s array of services is an unrivaled opportunity for SMEs as well as large corporation exporters in Egypt where they can utilize the vast resources and expertise availed while staying focused on the production of highly competitive products ready for the international market. We understand the exact needs and the barriers that may come in the way of exporters and make them refrain from pursuing the journey of expanding their products’ footprint beyond the national territory.

Our mission is to overcome these obstacles, starting from marketing and showcasing products at the right markets across the globe, intermediating between the two parties, and offering all logistics requirements to successfully and smoothly fulfill the trade transaction. The logistics services offered to the exporters include product consolidations, transportation from factory door to shipping port, international freight, warehousing, inspection, and customs clearance, in addition to financial and insurance services in cooperation with reputable estate-owned financial institutions.


Our network of 30+ international branch offices is situated in the main trade-hub cities around the world, managed and operated by  qualified team with wide experience and understanding of the local markets they are serving. Gosoor’s branches team mission – with their understanding of the market needs and dynamics of trade in these territories – is to promote Egyptian products to prospective buyers in their markets while diluting the obstacles that may interfere with the transaction in exchange for intermediation fees payable upon completion of the deal.


The company has been restructured to match the new era of international business and embrace the latest technologies in our approach. We are committed to operating in full compliance with our core and business values while focusing on delivering an enhanced customer experience and efficient approaches throughout the business cycle.

I would like to thank you for exploring Gosoor’s website and I encourage you to reach out to us with your inquiries or recommendations.


Dr. Wael Youssef